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Supplying Blue Sky Meats

Southern New Zealand farmers are as passionate about producing premium quality products as we are and we reward this passion and dedication to excellence.

We set our competitive schedule prices on a weekly basis and we never vary them for one farmer over another. Fixed price contracts are also available for certain specifications.  We pay our farmers within a fortnight after processing with no money retained for any purpose.

Blue Sky Meats has had a consistent policy of basing procurement on forward contracts and at any one time the bulk of our daily requirements are contracted.

The contract provides certainty to farmers and includes set dates and numbers as well as the premium received by farmers entering into the contract.

We find this system works well for everyone and has a number of advantages:

  • Allows farmers to plan ahead through price signals 
  • Gives Blue Sky Meats a more predictable stock supply
  • Production planning can be done well in advance
  • Marketing personnel are able to be more accurate with forward sales
  • Highlights possible highs and lows in stock availability 
  • Gives advance warning of work patterns for our staff

Recently we have been trialing a heavy lamb contract with a fixed price announced before the season starts. This has worked extremely well with the price well ahead of the spot market. It has allowed those involved to achieve average lamb prices well ahead of other farmers and provides them with certainty in advance of the season. This system will continue to be used in the future.