Great Products

Blue Sky Meats’ brands, Horizon and Star, offer an extensive range of fresh-chilled and fresh-frozen lamb, mutton, bobby veal and goat cuts.

Staying true to our products and our values, we only source meat from Southern New Zealand.  The lush pastures and vast landscapes here are unique, and so are the farmers who tend to the land.  The farmers who supply us from this region are passionate about great quality meat and safe, sustainable practices.

Together, we deliver the best to customers who demand the best.  When customers asked for higher value cuts such as French racks and leg roasts we delivered. We keep a close eye on the market to ensure it is getting what it wants.

We use modern technology in our single-plant operation and adhere to stringent hygiene and quality controls to ensure our products arrive at their destination in top condition.

For the full range of products visit Horizon and Star.