Our farmers

Blue Sky Meats is proud of the strong partnerships it has forged with farmers in Southern New Zealand, many of whom have been supplying the company since it began in 1987.

They share our vision to provide exceptional quality products to our customers and we reward our farmers for their loyalty and hardwork.  The scale and vastness of the environment they operate in never intimidates them.  They choose to work with their surroundings, not against them.  We admire that.

This is what two of them have to say about their partnership with Blue Sky Meats:

Southland Farmer Mervyn Frew has been supplying Blue Sky Meats since our inception and says the first thing that attracted him to the company was our ability to give him certainty at times when some meat companies were struggling to meet their commitments to farmers.

Mervyn says over the years he’s had a great relationship with the team at Blue Sky Meats and truly feels like the company cares about the farmers that supply them.

Like Blue Sky Meats, Mervyn is passionate about Southern New Zealand and its lush green pastures that produce high quality succulent sheep and lamb. He says the region’s climate has few extremes allowing farmers to provide Blue Sky Meats with a continuous supply of stock for its worldwide markets.

Former lawyer-turned sheep farmer John Horrocks became a supplier to Blue Sky Meats ten years ago. He was attracted by the company’s fixed date contracts which gives him certainty with set dates and numbers laid out ahead of time.

John says over the years he hasn’t been shy in coming forward with ideas for Blue Sky Meats and he’s been impressed with the fact management take on board farmers’ comments and often implement their suggestions.

He says he fell in love with the sparcely populated natural landscape of Southern New Zealand when he bought his first farm and can’t imagine living anywhere else now.