Heavy Lamb Contract Conditions 

Our heavy lamb contract has been popular in the past. Here are the conditions your stock would need to meet:

1. New seasons lamb only  
2. Price   $6.20 per kg
3. Weight range  20 - 26 kg carcass weight
4. Timing December to May
Farmer chooses Dates
5. Numbers Minimum 50 per line
Must be separate from others on that day
May be restrictions in any one month
6. Grading Y, P and T grades acceptable
Cutters minus 50 cents per kg
7. Who Regular suppliers
Contracts must be entered under suppliers names only.
8. Other Numbers Suppliers MUST contract AND supply two other animals (lamb only) for every one in this contract
9. Penalties 10 cents/kg penalty across the whole line for every 10% reduction in the number per line that don't meet all the conditions (including weight and contracted total)
10. Payment No money withheld
Each line treated separately
11. Closing date Friday 3rd November 2017.
Confirmation on contract information