Beef and Cows


Blue Sky Meats has operated an extremely successful contract sheep and lamb system for a number of years.  We are introducing a similar contract system for your cattle.  This allows you to plan ahead knowing your supply dates and guaranteeing space during peak kill periods.  As we progress, this contract system will be streamlined in following years based on what we have learnt.

We offer the same fair and honest approach as we have done for many years for our sheep and lamb suppliers.  This includes:

  1. Competitive schedule prices from March to August that will be the same for all suppliers on any given day. 
  2. A team of well-respected drafters to work with you and keep you informed.
  3. A commitment to process all contracted stock on the agreed kill date.
  4. Payment in full 14 days after processing.
  5. No money retained by Blue Sky Meats (NZ) Ltd for any purpose.
  6. A commitment to be able to process your bobby calves from August to the end of October.
  7. Confidence that culled stock will be processed on an agreed date and the peace of mind and ability to manage your farming business around this promise.
  8. We are now inviting you to make a contractual commitment to us with your livestock.