You can trust our products to be safe

At Blue Sky Meats safety and hygiene are paramount.

It starts on in the lush green pastures of Southern New Zealand where our farmers meet stringent specifications to guarantee they are producing free-range grass-fed stock in peak condition. 

Once it arrives at Blue Sky Meats we have independent onsite veterinarians ensuring the stock processed is in optimum health and all the hygiene criteria are met.

The company stands by its products and holds the key European accreditation from the British Retail Consortium (BRC). The plant is EU and USDA approved and meets tight hygiene requirements. 

After processing the products undergo independent inspections and the meat is then graded and subjected to an AC & A (Accelerated Aging and Conditioning) regime to ensure tenderness of the final product.

The plant’s Ministry for Primary Industries licence number is ME80.

Our accreditations and programmes include

  • HACCP 
  • New Zealand Customs Secure Export Scheme partner
  • European Union Accredited
  • Other country listings including China, Russia, Japan plus others
  • New Zealand Food Safety Accredited

We follow a strict quality policy.  Click here for full details.